A day in class 3-6 years

8.15 hrs                   


The school’s doors open and children come in. The children hang up their coats on the coatrack by themselves. They put their bags in the container under the coatrack and take off their outdoor shoes and place them with the toes towards the bag container. In this way, the children will be able to easily find all their things back when they clear away their belongings. The children put on their indoor shoes in the classroom.

When entering the classroom, the children shake hands with the teacher and they wish each other a “goodmorning”.

Each child can bring his or her own plant to school. During work, the plant is not placed on the child’s own table but on the window sill. Your child is responsible for the plant and is supposed to take care of it. Children empty and clean their own table. As soon as they’re finished with this, they pick out a job and start to work on it.

8.30 hrs


All the children are now in the classroom and all the parents leave the classroom. We kindly ask the parents not to stay in the hall to watch and talk, so we will be able to start on time.

The children will now work on their own job. The children have a job on their table or will choose one. The room is laid out with plenty materials to play with and learn from. There’s only one item of almost everything that is available in the classroom. Only two children can work on an item. The reason for this is to restrict the choice and to learn that sometimes you have to wait. The teacher walks around and sits down with the children, observes them and gives instructions. The children are supposed to walk and talk calmly. During the day, the individual jobs are alternated with group activities in the big circle (the entire class) and the small circle (in a group of children).

10.00 hrs

The teacher rings the bell to ask for the children’s attention. All the children look and listen to what the teacher will say. We’re going to play outside. Afterwards, we will have a break and a snack that the children have brought with them. This may be fruit, a healthy biscuit or a museli bar. We prefer water as a drink. Children who have finished, clean their table and continue with their jobs.

12.00 hrs

Under supervision of the lunch-time care staff, the children play outside and have lunch with their own teacher in the classroom.

13.00 hrs

After they have played outside, the children will go back to their jobs. During work, the teacher will give instructions to individual children as well as in small groups. There are moreover activities for the entire group.

14.15 hrs

All the children clean up their jobs or leave their them for the next day. The children perform their task and together they’re responsible for keeping the group nice and tidy. The children put their own plant back on the table.

14.45 hrs

End of education time. Will your child go home? Then your child can be picked up from the agreed location. The teacher shakes hands with all the children and says goodbye. The teacher only says goodbye to your child once she has seen you or the person who comes to collect your child.

Children who attend after-school care are taken to the after-school care groups by the teacher. The teacher will tell the after-school care staff member how your child’s day has been so she knows if there’s anything she needs to make allowances for.