3-6 years

The explorer

During these ages, children will consciously pick up impressions. Your child will be sensitive to sensory experiences, observations in the environment, learning words and practice from daily life. Your child’s own actions and the exact process of the actions is becoming gradually more interesting to your child. Based on an inner need, your child will take pleasure in repeating acquired actions. We believe it’s important for your child to be in an environment where he or she can fulfil their needs for development. Our rooms are laid out in a way that children can actively play around and be supported in their development.

Mio Mondo = Growing up in the child’s own way

At MKC Mio Mondo, children develop in their own way, at their own pace and with respect for one another. This enables children to understand their own role within the global society. Each development stage requires an abundant and challenging environment that fits in with your child’s needs. Mio Mondo’s professionals support each child’s development with patience, knowledge and trust. We provide children ample room for self-initiative and to make individual and responsible choices. This will propel your child’s motivation, self-confidence and independence. Diversity is key at Mio Mondo. The mixed age groups make sure that children inspire each other and learn from each other.


We highly value an environment for your child where he or she can fulfil their needs for development.