A day at Mio Mondo

When you bring your child in the morning, there’s time for a cup of coffee or tea and a good conversation. The staff member will want to hear from you what she needs to know about your child, for example how he or she slept or how he or she is feeling. These are very valuable pieces of information to us.


Once all the parents have left, the children will go and eat something, such as fruit or a cracker. We will provide healthy food and drinks, balanced and with little fat, sugar and salt. Your child will have something to drink, such as water, milk or tea with each meal – and also in between. We make contact with the children and encourage mutual interaction among the children. After this, we will go and do something active: craftwork, singing, making puzzles, reading from a book etc. Your child chooses what it feels like doing. There is every opportunity to play around, both indoors and outdoors.

We line up with your child’s own rhythm as much as possible. Particularly with babies we pay attention to their own sleeping and eating patterns and their own schedule. All the children have the opportunity to explore the world around them in a safe place. We make sure we have real contact with your child as much as possible; we will tell your child what we’re agoing to do, we talk in a soft voice, encourage your child where necessary and tell him or her know what it is exploring. In this way, your child can be sure that we’re around and at the same time learn how to perform activities, experiment and overcome difficulties by itself.

We have set moments for activities with your child. Participation is not compulsory for anybody, however, we do encourage your child to try new things. We challenge the children to learn actively and find solutions by themselves. This is how your child learns to know and appreciate itself. This will enhance its motivation, self-confidence and independence. Your child may leave the group for an activity at certain moments. Depending on your child’s age, we organize activities such as drama and dance classes, music activities or yoga.

Set rituals provide structure to the day and will give your child a sense of safety. Starting a game, a story or a conversation together, washing our hands and singing a song before we go and eat, and using set patterns upon arrival and when leaving: these rituals are applied each and every day.

In the afternoon it’s time for some fruit or a cracker and something to drink. Afterwards, your child can go and play outside or participate in a joint activity in the various rooms of the day-care centre or at the child’s own group.

Your child can be collected from 15:30 hrs and our staff will let you know how the day passed off. Your child will proudly show you his or her own works of art, and the staff regularly take pictures of the process. You will be able to follow all the things your child has experienced during the day.

Each child will be able to play around (indoors or outdoors), read a book or have some more to eat and drink until you come to collect your child when the transfer with the educational staff member takes place.

First time at day care

First time at the child-care centre; that means a bit of getting used to, both for you and your baby! For your baby it’s usually the first step outside his or her familiar environment, while you will be busy finding a new balance between your private and work life.


Once everything has been arranged, you will be invited to an introductory talk. During this conversation, you will meet the educational staff and the manager. Together we will discuss how things work at Mio Mondo, the daily programme and the particular aspects of your child that we should like to know about.

Famliarization period

Obviously, your child will not suddenly be changing home for child care. It’s important to us that your child (and you!) first get used to the new situation. This is why we will go through a familiarization period together. During this period you will become acquainted with the group’s educational staff and lay the foundation for a good relationship and a long-lasting cooperation. Since care forms an essential part of the upbringing, we set great store by our communication with you and by lining things up with you. When it comes to familiarization, we will as much as possible go tag along with your baby. Some babies feel at ease within just a day and have no problem staying at child care half a day or even the whole day, whereas other babies may have some difficulties getting used to the new faces and staying at the group, and they may need more time to get familiarized. The educational staff will carefully consider what’s best for your baby during the initial days and will at all times consult with you.