Abundant environment

The rooms at Mio Mondo have been laid out with a selection of different materials to stimulate all development areas. The rooms don’t only provide peace and safety, but also inspiring challenges. They incite the children’s inquisitive mindss and creativity. All the rooms have play materials displayed at eye level, which makes them appealing for the children to use them. Your child can easily choose any activity it feels like doing. Not all the play materials come from shops or are designed as toys. When using their imagery, children can also endlessly play with materials such as wooden spoons, egg boxes, empty milk cartons, pieces of cloths or wood.


Children go outside every day in any weather conditions. Your child will have a good time being active in the open air and can run around, climb, glide, jump or go hide. At the same time, the children develop respect for nature. Each age requires an appropriate layout of the outdoor space. For the little ones, attention is paid to safe discovery and exploration of the children’s own limits, the older children need more challenges. Extraordinary natural playgrounds have been laid out at Mio Mondo with sand, stones, wood, plants, shells, vegetable gardens and much more. It’s a challenging environment that calls for adventurous and creative play.

Toddlers can go do sports and move around the play room of Mio Mondo’s main building. This rooms enables toddlers to develop their gross motor skills. Skills such as climbing, clambering, balancing, throwing and catching etc. are practised here.

Together we stand firm

At Mio Mondo, your child is encouraged to share and work together during play. The children at Mio Mondo learn to take care of their own environment, of each other and they develop a sense of solidarity.

At Mio Mondo, all the professionals work together with the parents on the best possible development of your child. Clear communication is a vital aspect to this. That’s why we like to hear in the morning from the parents how their child is feeling that day. By the end of the day, the Mio Mondo staff will be pleased to tell you what activities your child has done during the day.

World citizenship

The offered activities will help your child to discover the world at Mio Mondo. A dance teacher, musician or artist comes in to dance, make music or do craftwork at the children’s workshop. One week your child will for example learn an autumn dance or imitate animals to music, whereas in another week your child will be working with exciting materials such as duck tape, aluminium foil and beautiful residual material.


Besides the joint activities, your child will have plenty of time to freely play around every day. Young children are able to perform quite a few activities independently:

Ages 0 to 1:
Rolling over – crawling – sitting – standing – picking up things – holding things – putting an arm through the opening of a sleeping bag or a romper – holding out hands to lift itself up – supporting its bottle – putting food in the mouth

Ages 1 to 2:
Walking – pulling off its socks – eating by itself – drinking by itself – taking, giving or bringing something when asked – cleaning its own mouth – taking off its coat – putting its arms and legs through the opening of a garment – pulling off its cloth with a little bit of help

Ages 2 to 3:
Putting on its jacket – hanging up its jacket on the coatrack – taking off its shoes – taking off several pieces of clothes – putting on several pieces of clothes with some help – cleaning up the material it has played with when asked, or helping to clear things away – serving out fruit or something else for itself – chosing from two piles of clothes – peeling a banana or tangerine – simple food preparations – helping to lay the table – potty training