Supporting development

MKC Mio Mondo provides a place to children so they can safely grow up and develop in the best possible way. We offer children and parents a contemporary, challenging and inspiring place with a wide range of activities.

The staff at Mio Mondo make sure that education and upbringing are harmonized with your child’s educational needs. These professionals are responsible for the development of the children in their group. Support and supervision within the group revolve around the professional who is the key person. Mio Mondo furthermore has staff specializing in certain development areas and who support the professionals at Mio Mondo with their expertise. The internal supervisor coordinates the additional support, which comes under the responsibility of the school board.


The limits of our education

At Mio Mondo, we endeavour to take care of the children, including children with special needs, in a responsible manner. There may, however, be situations where the boundaries of support to a child are reached. This may be the case if a child shows behavioural problems resulting in a serious disruption of the peace and safety in the group. The teacher/educational staff, the internal supervisor and the management will in that case consult with the parents about the measures to be taken. A measure may include that parents are called if a child crosses the limits or a time-out facility is arranged at school.

The limit to give support may also be reached when a child has a disability that requires care or treatment that cannot be adequately provided by the school.

The basic principle to this is that Mio Mondo considers the needs of each and every child. This must not be at the expense of education and upbringing for the other children in the group. Another basic principle is that children should enjoy coming to Mio Mondo. If this should not or no longer be the case, we will consider, together with the parents, what could be the cause and investigate Mio Mondo’s possibilities to rectify this situation. If not, we will consider other options together with the parents.

MKC Mio Mondo regards parents as educational partners and therefore believes it’s crucial to solve any issues together.

Please find more information about the limits of our education in the Perspective At School report. Further details can also be found in the support profile for appropriate education.