MKC Mio Mondo has four types of parent contributions:


  1. A compulsory contribution for the annual school trip. And a contribution for the camp for group 8 (in case of participation)
  2. A voluntary parent contribution
  3. A compulsory contribution for the cost of supervision during lunch time (in case of participation)
  4. Cost of child care (day care and after-school care)

1. Compulsory contribution for the school trip

The annual contribution for the school trip amounts to € 30 to € 35. This contribution is set down separately for the lower, middle and upper classes. This is a compulsory contribution to make sure we can have a school trip when your child participates. From the teacher(s) of the lower or upper classes attended by your child, you will receive a note about the date and the destination of the school trip. This letter includes the exact amount of the contribution. You are asked to transfer this amount to the account number stated in the letter within two weeks’ time.

When your child is in group 8, he or she will go to camp for three days by the end of the school year. The costs amount to approximately € 110.-. You will receive a message about the costs for the camp. Also this amount needs to be paid when your child participates.


2. Voluntary parent contribution

As the title suggests, the voluntary parent contribution is not compulsory, however, essential to the activities not included in the school’s budget. Thanks to the voluntary parent contribution, numerous events and activities are paid for, including the school insurance, Sinterklaas, Christmas and Easter celebrations, outings, sports days and special facilities in the classrooms and in the school. Part of this contribution is reserved for culture and part of the parent contribution goes to the maintenance of the school library.

The amount of the parent contribution is determined at the annual public joint meeting of the Participation Council and the Parents’ Council. Further to this, accountability is provided at the meeting for the utilization of the budget of the previous school year.

The parent contribution for the school year 2016-2017 amounts to €37.50. The contribution is expected to come to the same amount for the upcoming school year. After the annual meeting (by the middle of November) your will receive a note with the amount of the contribution and the request to pay this amount within 3 weeks upon receipt of the letter.


3. Contribution for lunch-time care

Lunch-time care is compulsory if your child participates in it. The contribution amounts to approximately € 115 for this school year. The contribution is collected by and must be paid to the Stichting Amstelwijs (our school’s board of directors).

Please timely notify the management if your child should be unable to participate in any activities due to financial issues.


4. Cost of care

Our fees are all-in rates and in conformity with the market: you will never unexpectedly be faced with any additional costs. What does all-in include?

Diapers and bottle feeding are included in the fee for day care and toddler care. We obviously provide cold lunches, fresh fruit, dairy and healthy snacks for your child. The weekly activities in music, dance and creativity are also included in the fee.

For after-school care, the all-in fee includes fresh fruit, lunch on Wednesdays/Fridays and during holiday care, drinks and other snacks. Also activities and holiday outings such as a visit to NEMO, the theatre or a museum are included in the price.

What will be the fee for you?
If you’re a working parent, you may apply for a child-care allowance for all types of care. If you should like to know the rates and calculate how this works out for you, please use our own cost calculator.

If you have any further questions about the cost of child care or would you like us give you a hand? Please contact our Child Planning department on 020 426 08 66 or send an email to