Lower classes 3-6 years

Your child can attend education at Mio Mondo from the age of 4. We provide four lower groups with children aged between 4 and 6. When your child goes to primary school, a new period starts for you both. Your child may have attended day care before. Some things may be the same, but obviously, you will come across many new things.
In order to facilitate the transition from home or day care to school, your child is welcome to day care for four mornings before he or she turns four. In this way your child can meet and become familiarized with the teacher, the other children and the classroom.

Your child’s teacher will contact you by telephone to make a familiarization appointment. We provide education 40 weeks a year. The holiday weeks are adopted in the calendar and the school guide.

The school time for education are:
Mon, Tue, Thur:   8.15 to 14.45
Wed:                         8.15 to 12.30
Fri:                              8.15 to 12.00